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Our free iPhoto software tutorials explain how to organize, edit and share your photos. The training videos will teach you how to create slideshows, greeting cards, photo books and more.

Getting Started with iPhoto

Connecting Cameras and Importing Pictures
Importing Pictures From a Folder
Viewing Options
Viewing and Changing Photo Information
Rating Photos
Viewing Camera Settings and Photo Information
Sorting Photos
Viewing Photos
Viewing Photos by Recent Rolls or Time Frames
Viewing Photos Using the Calendar Button
Adding New Keywords
Viewing Photos by Keywords
Deleting Items
Duplicating Photos
Batch Changes
Rotating Photos

Working with Albums, Folders, and Film Rolls

Creating an Album
Creating a Smart Album
Creating Albums from Selections
Creating Folders
Working with and Creating Film Rolls

Editing Pictures

Edit View
Full Screen Edit View
Cropping Photos and Constraining Crops
Red-Eye Reduction
Adjust Setting
Changing Color Settings
Black and White Settings
Gray Balance
Retouching Photos
Reverting Photos Back to the Original


Creating a Slideshow
Applying Settings for the Entire Slideshow
Slide Color and Transitions
The Ken Burns Effect
Selecting Music
Exporting as a QuickTime Movie
Sending a SlideShow to iDVD

Displaying Your Pictures

Printing Photos
Exporting Picture Files
Exporting as a Web Page
Sending Pictures in an E-Mail
Changing Desktop Pictures and Screensavers
Sharing Photos on a Network
Burning Pictures to a CD
Creating Cards
Creating Calendars
Creating Books

Online training at your convenience!
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